Instagram Is Becoming So Popular

Instagram is an online photo sharing and social networking site, through which you can take pictures and share these pictures on other social media sites. A unique feature of Instagram is that it confines photos to a square shape similar to polarized images.

  • Instagram is becoming more popular among celebrities including LeBron James, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift because expression of Instagram is better than Twitter and Facebook.
  • Instagram users can instantly get the news.  Users can report the news through images.
  • It brings people together from all over the world as images make it easier when it is difficult to communicate through words. And it keeps people more engaged than Facebook and Twitter.
  • For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, installing Instagram is very simple and downloading of this application is free.
  • The Instagram application allows the users to take and edit photos and share them to other social media sites to get Instagram followers.