How to Write Best Instagram Captions to Attract Audience?

Instagram has really ruled the internet and taken it by storm. At the rapid speed, it is growing up, it is not shocking to find most of the marketers predicting Instagram to become the go-to image sharing app of the future. There are three main reasons people are using Instagram – taking selfies, showing off their happy moments to the world and promoting their brand through visuals. Most of us still use Instagram though they don’t have a creative mind and hands-on skills on photography. They can use filters and make the dull photo look bright and awesome. But the catch is that just creating good images doesn’t generate enough sales, brand awareness, and traffic on Instagram. It is really very tough to get the right attention. After all, you have a tough competition with around 300 million Instagram business owners.

How to Write Compelling Instagram Captions?

Know Your Target Audience

If you want to share the photo to a select number of people, such as family and friends, give Instagram caption which is based on them. Make sure to speak in their language if you don’t want to lose your audience.

Try to Build Relationships and Increase Engagement

Do you remember the last time when your Instagram got comment of someone? Maybe 15 seconds ago! Whenever it happens, be sure to take your time to make relationships with your audience. Take a look on your caption and answer their questions. This way, you can present yourself as a leader in your business. All you need to make your audience feel that their comments are valuable to you.

Keep it Focused and Short

People are scrolling to hundreds of pictures within minutes and seconds. So, you have a very limited opportunity to grab their eyes. Choose an attractive caption to make the most of this limited time period. Choose the caption which they can read in a few seconds. The last thing you don’t want them to do is taking a look at your image, barely thinking of it and start scrolling without even considering what you wanted to say. So, you have to think simple. Choose one sentence and think focused.

Add Spaces and Line Breaks

I have tried it for a couple of time and it is very awesome to be there. If you are tired of having a long paragraph in the caption, you need to go short. There is literally no sense in adding a line break or paragraph in Instagram. This way, you can write a post on application or status update on Facebook and copy the post and paste on Instagram.

Consider Your Followers

If you want Instagram to work for your business, you need to ensure that you are sharing captions and images that are loved by your followers. Choose great images with tools like Canva or WordSwag on iPhone, and captions that can touch their hearts. You can use different hashtags and do a little survey to know your followers. You may ask something to learn about them or even use them in captions area.

Don’t Go Too Short

If you want to post something, don’t use shorthands or short forms and make sure that your language is understood by the audience. If people don’t understand what you are saying on the caption, it would be pointless. Make your caption memorable and short to attract the audience.

Give a Back Story about Snapshot

A picture says a thousand words. But if you don’t have anything to convey, it makes no sense. You need to share a small back story. Your readers must know what it is about. You may not know what the image is all about. But the caption tells the whole story.