A model and painter is defending her Instagram against claims that she’s not really painting something in them.

Confusion began swirling when people detected Cristina Szeifert’s paint palette never changed color.

A Romanian influencer, model, and artist, is responding to critics who are accusing her of being a “fake” painter and staging photos that claim to show her painting.

Specifically, they’re questioning why the paint palette in the Instagrams never changes from post to post.

Cristina Szeifert describes herself as a “psychologist, artist, entrepreneur and health and life coach” on Instagram.

She told BuzzFeed News there’s nothing deceptive regarding the photos she shares to her over 33,000 followers. She maintains she’s created “almost every painting” posted to her account.

However, she claims she poses with her finished work afterward for Instagram photos when she looks spiffed up, because her “image is very vital.”

“I have on my phone videos from nearly every painting I did,” said Szeifert, responding on to critics. “I am a model, artist, psychologist, and a public person thus my image is very vital — after all I don’t picture myself with dirty clothes.”

The self-described multitalented artist believes the people skeptical her are jealous.

“Painting for me is a passion and I don’t do it for money. I [post] photos because I get pleasure from it,” said Szeifert. “I can see that some people are jealous finding little things on my pictures that [they] are criticizing. This situation is ridiculous.”

On a Reddit thread posted on Monday and rising quickly in popularity, people are accusing her of being a “fake” painter, and poking holes in her technique.

“A real artist wouldn’t use that palette,” one user wrote.
“She’s holding the palette the wrong way around,” another added.
“Who wears nice clothes when painting?” one person noted.

Others are taking general issue with however unrealistically she’s representing the process and craft of painting to her many followers.